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The designer brand, focused on elegance

Designed to match women's silhouette who seek comfort and quality for their wardrobe, our high-end Maya collection gives you the second-skin effect. Suitable for soft practices, or simply to be worn casual, our clothes guarantee your well-being, following each of your movements in elegance.



Consume less, consume better

Our clothes' ethics reflect our values: our 100% made in France production guarantees optimal quality while promoting an eco-responsible approach through local production. Bringing to light the French know-how, from design to delivery, allows our community to choose to wear sustainable clothing and reduce their environmental impact.

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Union, Body and Spirit

Manuka Yoga preaches a return to basics, to respect for oneself, others and Nature. We transcribed it through clothing that perfectly fit your curves. Our fashion line contributes to a complete connection between your body and mind by promoting breathing, relaxation and meditation in order to offer you a unique travel experience.

Our clothing

Our clothing promises a commitment to quality for an intense or soft practice, to eco-responsibility for a real durability and to textile expertise to shape the silhouette and reduce vibrations.


To feel good in your body and mind

Manuka Yoga is a clothing brand created by Marine Kapps, a yoga teacher who preaches a philosophy of life around well-being. Our brassieres and leggings are intelligently designed for optimal adaptation to movements: they adopt pure and fluid lines to feel good in your body.

Feeling good in your mind is possible if you feel good in your environment. This is why the eco-responsible approach is an integral part of our concept: each of our high-end clothing has been designed and produced in France to ensure the sustainability of our collection and contribute to eco-responsible consumption.

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"As we go through life we have to learn to live, not to survive, but to live. To live fully, the eyes wide open with awareness and attention."

L'âme du monde - Frédéric Lenoir


The design, the French know-how and the eco-responsibility allow us to ensure our clothing sustainability for a responsible consumption.


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