Manuka Yoga

The Yoga know-how

Finding inner harmony, to better understand the outside

Manuka Yoga is the story of a team with complementary talents, gathered around our founder Marine Kapps. All passionated about Yoga, well-being and artistic expression, the challenge we wanted to take on was to create the quality clothing brand that looks like us, designed for soft practices, with respect for our environment.

Manuka Yoga • Montagne Doré


Do yourself good, without harming our planet

Our team makes a point to design a sustainable eco-responsible line to consume less and better. In a constant search for more ethical techniques and materials, we have chosen to focus our efforts on a short range from concept to design, from production to delivery and from communication to product sales. The key to eco-responsibility remains durability to halve the environmental impact and build a community around common values.

Manuka Yoga • Puissance Doré

French Inspiration

France at the core of our ecosystem

Manuka Yoga has opted for 100% French in order to guarantee respect for working conditions, support for small businesses and French know-how. Producing in France ensures the optimal traceability of our clothing to offer total transparency to our community. From concept to delivery, we recommend the short chain to ensure less ground transportation from our workshops to your home in 100% recyclable pouches.

Manuka Yoga • Oeil Doré

Pilgrimage inspiration

To stay is to exist, to travel is to breathe

Although Yoga is an inner journey, many journeys have inspired the development of our outfits. India is the pilgrimage that shaped our brand creation, the emergence of our values and our identity conception through the name Manuka Yoga, taking up the five elements at the origin of the world. Minimalist, the design of our range highlights the desire for a return to basics.

How is Manuka Yoga committed to being an eco-responsible brand?

To find out if your wardrobe is eco-friendly, you need to identify the place where your clothes are made to check the ethical process. We guarantee you a design and production 100% made in France where the European legislation of labour law regularly comes to check the workshops of textile production to guarantee the working conditions.

As a consumer, you also have the right to control the clothing origins and manufacturing, as well as to require some traceability of the product and its raw materials. We are committed to promote transparency throughout our manufacturing process. This traceability guarantee will allow you to be sure you are wearing an environmentally friendly outfit. We keep developing a brand consistency with our values and those of our community, thanks to our reliable partners.

Buying better is a multitude of consumer opportunities, such as turning towards quality and sustainable products. We guarantee pieces that match your values thanks to a useful collection to satisfy a need, not a desire. In addition to the idea that we want a consumption in communion with your mind, we make it a point to also use quality fabrics good for your skin.

Woman of the East, of the desert, of Nature...

Marine Kapps, a Yoga Alliance certified teacher trained in India, Reiki level II practitioner and Ayurveda consultant, is the creator of the Manuka Yoga brand. Yoga according to Marine is a therapy that allows to free oneself by working the body-mind relationship for better health and optimal life balance. After many years in advertising agencies, she chose to travel to India for several months. On her return to France, she opened a yoga studio and today a clothing brand is born.


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