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Combine elegance, quality and durability

In communion with your values, our 100% made in France eco-responsible Maya collection will meet your requirements.

Akasha Brassière

€90.00 €180.00
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Soma Legging

€85.00 €170.00
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Our concept is differentiated through a 100% made in France and eco-responsible Yoga outfit that highlights the body lines, while providing the feeling of not wearing anything. We combine optimal comfort and a sleek design, to allow you to wear it both indoor and outdoor, for your daily activities or sports in a Yoga spirit throughout the day.

Choose your Yoga outfit perfectly

Above all, a Yoga outfit must be forgotten: it must be soft and pleasant to wear to give you freedom in all your movements. It is supposed to optimally facilitate your comfort throughout the day. Practice requires being able to connect to yourself and your environment. You can't wear an outfit you have to put back in place between each movements. Our clothes allow an intense concentration, in respect of your devoted investment to your practice.

Comfortable, opaque, breathable and aesthetically pleasing, our collection allows you to practice helped by high-quality clothing.

Choose an outfit that listens toyour body and needs, in which you feel comfortable. Yoga is born from the perfect union between movement and relaxation: your outfit must embrace all your postures as favorably as possible.


Our outfits combine the pleasing feeling of perfection, natural fit and sleek aesthetics. The soothing and modern tones affirm this desire for calm and simplicity, which will make you want to adopt Manuka Yoga.

Find comfort, breathability, quality, opacity and aesthetics in high quality outfits! All the ideal conditions are there to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.


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